Welcome to Parrsboro Recreation!

Our mission is to provide support for the community to make physical activity choices which will contribute to the improvement of their overall health and well-being.

We want to make physical activity an easy choice. An active community begins with proper education of physical activity, supported by adequately built and natural environments and programs for all ages. In order to create a healthy community, physical activity and recreation are of the most benefit. With the increasingly busy schedules people face in today’s society, it is often difficult to incorporate regular daily physical activity into their life. As increased physical activity has optimal health benefits, it is important for us as a Town to maximize the opportunities and resources which our residents and visitors have to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.

We invite you to enjoy the countless year-round recreational opportunities our town has to offer. We have created a strong program base for all ages, and support the many community organizations which foster recreation and physical activity.

Sarah MacNeil, Recreation & Physical Activity Coordinator

Phone: 902-254-2036

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