Plan Cumberland Press Release March 6, 2017

Municipality of Cumberland Launches "Plan Cumberland" Plan Review Project.  Please click pdf here (323 KB) to view Press Release.

Cape Sharp Tidal Power Hits the Grid

The two-megawatt Cape Sharp Tidal turbine deployed on November 7th, 2016 will be officially connected to Nova Scotia Power's transmission grid on November 22nd.  To read the full article from the Chronicle Herald, please click pdf here. (236 KB)

Turbine Installation Delayed until 2016

Cape Sharp Tidal decides to wait for better weather conditions.  To view the complete article in the Amherst Daily News by Andrew Wagstaff, please click pdf here. (2.11 MB)

Parrsboro Turbines Set to Roll

This is the year that the first power-producing turbines are expected to hit the water at the tidal energy test site off Parrsboro.  And it looks like things are sailing along.  To read more from the article "Parrsboro turbines set to roll" by Patricia Brooks Arenburg from the Wednesday, April 15, 2015 edition of "The Herald", click pdf here (2.37 MB) .

Funding Announced for Strategic Tourism Expansion Program

At a news conference held at Town Hall on March 5th, 2015 an announcement was made regarding Parrsboro's participation in Tourism Atlantic's STEP: Strategic Tourism Expansion Program.  To read more click image here. (2.68 MB)

The World Comes to Parrsboro

The world's most powerful tides brought the world here this week, as delegates from the International Conference on Off-shore Energy (IOCE) gathered in Parrsboro.  To read more click pdf here (2.59 MB) .