10:00am Naturalist Hike@FGM

Date: Sat. 20 Jun, 2015 10:00 am

Bog Orchids and Pitcher Plants:  Meet at the FGM at 10:00am; wear your boots for walking on the bog!!: travel by car caravan to Diligent River:  Hot pink Arethusa and red/purple Pitcher Plants will be showing off their secrets of pollination:  We will catch some frogs and watch dragonflies in mating flight and laying eggs:  Also in full bloom are: Cranberry, Labrador Tea and Pink Lady Slippers: Should return to museum by noon. Call John Brownlie at 902-728-2128 or FGM at 902-254-3814.  P.S. The museum has binoculars to lend free of charge.