1:00pm Naturalist Hike@FGM

Date: Sat. 28 May, 2016 1:00 pm

Diligent River Bog Pond:  Meet at the FGM at 1:00pm for this family oriented event; wear your boots for walking on the bog!!: travel by car caravan to Diligent River: Rhodora will have bright pink flowers on display: we will look into Pitcher Plant leaves to see what this carniverous plant has been eating; and we'll catch a few frogs. Early butterflies, moths and dragonflies too. Length of Event: 1/2 hour driving time.  1 hour on site. Contact John Brownlie at 902-728-2128 or FGM at 902-254-3814.  P.S. The Museum has binoculars to lend free of charge.