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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Share your moment with the flag challenge (Sun. 15 Feb, 2015 11:00 am)

Let's join together to celebrate the 50th anniversay of the National Flag of Canada and show our pride by taking part in the "Share your moment with the flag" challenge, an initiative led by the Government of Canada.

How to participate:

  • Take a picture or a video of you and the flag.  You can also use an existing photo you are proud of:
  • Share your photo or video on social media by using the hashtag #flag50
  • Challenge your family, friends and those around you to do the same.

Then, go on Twitter and search the hastag #flag50 and #dreapeau50 to see photos and videos of everyone who took part in the challenge.  This challenge aims to showcase our sense of pride.  So, spread the word!

For more information on how we can celebrate this historical milestone and other celebrations, visit www.canada.ca/flagday or www.canada.ca/150

1:00pm Flag/Heritage Day (Cancelled) (Sun. 15 Feb, 2015 1:00 pm)

Parrsborough Shore Historical Society & Parrsboro Legion invite you to help celebrate Flag/Heritage Day.  Flag raising at 1:00pm with special guest speakers.  Immediately after ceremony tea and lunch for $7.00.  School poster contest winners.  Come and enjoy the 50th birthday of our Canadian Flag.

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