Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, is a force to be reckoned with. Home of the World's Highest Tides, Parrsboro is a treasure of scenic beauty described by National Geographic as "the prettiest place, more than picturesque", and "full of unusual things to see and do".

Anchored and Authentic, Parrsboro is a place of historic adventures, achievements and discoveries known for shipbuilding, rare fossils and gems, world renowned tidal research and award-winning theatre.

This authentic community located off the beaten track from Highway 104, is anchored in hospitality, adventure and opportunity. Whether you are exploring, reuniting with family and friends, getting married, starting a business, or buying a home - your experience will be unique and memorable.  We look forward to meeting you.

View "Parrsboro and Cumberland County - a good place to visit...a great place to live!", a video originally created for a trade show to promote not only visiting, but also living here.